Overnight trip: Adatara Forest Park – the plan

We’ve been aching to get out out and enjoy some springtime touring. Soon we can. Our new bikes will be ready to collect on April 6th, and so to try them out we’re planning a short trip for the following weekend. The aim of the trip is for us to test our new equipment, and to get accustomed to how it all works. It’s also a warm-up in advance of our coast-to-coast tour during Golden Week, as well as a great way to blow out the cobwebs after the long, dark Fukushima winter. And if we’re lucky, we might even see some cherry blossoms.

Adatara Forest Park [website] lies at the base of Mount Adatara, a volcano that looms over the Nakadori plain. It’s a mixed-use area, with pitches for tents alongside luxurious cottages and spacious trailer houses. Not that the luxury matters to us, of course, as we’ll be camping. Almost all of our camping equipment is newly purchased, and – apart from a brief try out of our tent – it’s entirely untested. This overnight trip will be our test. We’ll see how everything works, and tweak where needed.

Our route is relatively simple. On Saturday we’ll head west out of the city, and then take country roads roughly due north, ending the day with a little climbing up to the campsite. On Sunday we’ll go downhill and east until we come to the Abukuma river, which we then follow south back towards home. In total we’ll cover a very managable 75km over two days. It’s deliberately not a taxing distance, so that we have plenty of time to stop and make adjustments to our set-up if we need to.

So that’s the plan. Wave goodbye to the winter blues, and say hello to the springtime with a relaxed local overnight jaunt, where we’ll try out our new bikes and gear. We’ll post a full tour report when we’re home, and let you know how we get on.

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