A setback, a postponement, a compromise

Our trip to Adatara Forest Park has been postponed. The night before leaving, David sliced open a finger as he was trying to remove a cable tie that held on a cycle computer to another bike. The injury wasn’t particularly serious – just a few sutures – but doctor’s orders not to bend the finger for a week prohibited safe braking, so we decided to wait.

Friday night's bandage (left) makes it look much more dramatic than it really is.

Friday night’s bandage (left) makes it look much more dramatic than it really is.

What are the implications of this postponement? We don’t have another opportunity for a weekend test overnight before our planned coast-to-coast trip during Golden Week. Without a test overnight, we risk discovering problems with our gear whilst we’re touring. Prior commitments for the 19th and the 21st mean our next free weekend is at the start of the time we’ve booked off for our coast-to-coast trip. The best solution for us is to do a fully loaded day trip on 20th. It won’t test our camping equipment, but it will give us a chance to feel how our bikes handle when we’re carrying it. Hopefully on the long day trip we’ll spot any problems with our racks and panniers too.

Setbacks and unexpected problems are a fact of life for cycle tourists. This is our first, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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