Trek 7.3fx – I love this bike. It’s light, and quick around town, but sturdy enough for the rougher going of the cycle paths around the Mersey Valley and Trans Pennine Trail. The friendly guys at Harry Hall Cycles decked it out with a rack and some Altura panniers, which served me very well. I have many happy memories of riding this bike around Chorlton and down Deansgate. Currently under the care of friends in Manchester.

Mama-chari – this bike came with my job, so strictly it belongs to my employer, not me. It’s heavy and it’s slow, and it’s not the most attractive looking, but its three-speed hub gear and good carrying capacity make this a perfect around town bike. On top of that, it’s virtually indestructible. I’ve grown very fond of this bike.

Doppelganger 806 Squalo – I bought this folding road bike on Amazon because it was on special offer, and I thought it’d be a good solution to a commuting issue I had. I didn’t really think it through properly, as panniers don’t suit this folding bike. I haven’t used it for its intended purpose art all. It’s a fun ride, though some of the components seem a little cheap. I’ll probably give this away when I leave Japan.

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